Elizabeth McNutt events 2005-2006

October 17, 2005
Guest soloist
Interactive Arts Performance Series
Frederick Loewe Theater, New York City

October 24
Centerpieces, Center for Experiental Music and Intermedia
University of North Texas

November 1
Guest Soloist
Third Practice Festival
Richmond, Virginia

November 14
Digital Arts Concert Series
Bowling Green, Ohio

November 15
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

January 24, 2006
CEMI presents: Music of Philippe Manoury
University of North Texas

March 20
Guest soloist
University of Texas at Austin

March 27
University of North Texas

April 10
Ensemble director
Nova Ensemble
University of North Texas

April 15
Guest soloist and panelist
Premiere of Robert Dick, Babylonish Gabble
Colorado Flute Association
University of Denver, Colorado

April 16
Master class
University of North Colorado, Greeley

June 3
Guest soloist
Synth├Ęse Festival
Bourges, France