Review Excerpts

“[Jeffrey Stadelman’s] Evans House … tests the flutist’s stamina and technique and McNutt does a splendid job!”
— Audiophile Audition

“Eric Lyon’s Trio for Clarinet, Flute and Computer … masterfully performed with Esther Lamneck on clarinet and Elizabeth McNutt on flute … the two angling around each other, flowing, interacting, making for quite an interesting conversation.”

“McNutt is fearless and astounding in her performance of 21st century compositions.”
— Flute Talk

“Flutist Elizabeth McNutt is a high-octane performer – intense, dark, and utterly committed. Her virtuosity is show-cased on a CD of five works for flute and computer, Pipe Wrench.”
— Musicworks

“This CD [pipe wrench] is a delightful listen. McNutt’s performance brings out every detail and nuance of these beautiful compositions.”
— Newsletter of the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music United States

“McNutt’s unaffected stage presence, accomplished delivery and explanatory comments helped lead her listeners through an exotic musical terrain. Undeniably, she leads the way among the most proficient devotees of sonic art.”
— Denver Post

“[McNutt] is the rising star of young American flutists who are focused on new music and her performances are characterized by a composerly level of musical insight coupled with true contemporary virtuosity. She has a beautiful, expressive tone and a huge range of colors.”
— Robert Dick, flutist, improviser, and composer

pipe wrench: flute + computer … is a must-listen new release from the Electronic Music Foundation label. … McNutt manages to infuse each work with a depth of meaning and purpose that can only come from an intimate understanding of the scores and the genre of interactive computer music performance as a whole. … The range of her expression is a natural match for the timbral variety of computer music. This, coupled with a high level of virtuosity across the range of the instrument, allows her to get inside the computer program and manipulate it, one of the unspoken performance goals of every interactive composition. Her program choice is excellent, and represents an intelligent blend of profundity, brevity, and levity.”
— International Computer Music Association Array

“The shape and drama of the work [Jupiter by Philippe Manoury] were presented with full force in Ms. McNutt’s spellbinding performance. … Ms. McNutt’s powerful control of dynamics and timbres gave eloquence and life to the entire work; the beauty of her tone and phrasing showed the elegance of Mr. Manoury’s flute writing in its best light.”
— Computer Music Journal

“Andrew May’s The Twittering Machine, named after a Klee painting, is a performer-specific work, triggered by and with samples of the commanding flutist Elizabeth McNutt.”
— Los Angeles Times

“Flutist Elizabeth McNutt demonstrated her instrument’s versatility in Anne LaBerge’s Revamper and Elizabeth Brown’s Trillium. Challenging flutists not with finger-flying runs but with range, Revamper requires singing while playing … and overblowing notes for overtones. When McNutt wasn’t bending pitches or playing tremolos for a shakuhachi effect in Trillium, her silvery tone captured the essence of fleeting birdsong.”
— Washington Post

“Flutist Elizabeth McNutt and pianist Shannon Wettstein [the Calliope Duo] handled these highly difficult and quirky works with skill and elan. Calliope has a special skill for making the complex clear and kindly.”
— 21st Century Music

“Ms. McNutt is a flutist of the first order.”
— Computer Music Journal

“Andrew May’s Twittering Machine was composed for Elizabeth McNutt who performed the work this afternoon. … McNutt’s brilliant tone and clean articulation kept the flute in focus… The overall phrasing of the piece was greatly enhanced by the performer’s skillful use of a footpedal to control computer playback. McNutt ably met a very different set of challenges posed by Philippe Manoury’s Jupiter.”
— International Computer Music Association Array

“Played with skill and panache by flutist Elizabeth McNutt… [whose] expressive performance was both powerful and nuanced.”
— Journal of the International Alliance of Women in Music

“Flutist Elizabeth McNutt was the busiest performer of the week, appearing in four pieces. A highly sought-after interpreter of new music, Ms. McNutt performed these widely varying pieces splendidly.”
— Computer Music Journal

“… virtuoso flutist Elizabeth McNutt.”
— Electronic Musician

“The program featured performers Aleck Karis and Elizabeth McNutt. … It was a stunning event, probably the best concert [at ICMC Thessaloniki, Greece] for consistently high quality of materials and execution.”
— Roger Reynolds, UCSD News

“Particularly successful was the memorable concert [in which] flutist Elizabeth McNutt performed brilliantly the very demanding flute part for this interactive work [Manoury’s Jupiter].”
— George Lewis, UCSD News

“Michael Theodore’s pssshhhh was a powerful soundscape for tape and flute [in which] Elizabeth McNutt’s strong and capable playing was able to convey the intended sonic power.”
— Computer Music Journal