Repertoire List

* indicates a work commissioned and/or premiered by Elizabeth McNutt

Flute Alone

Babbitt, Milton None But the Lonely Flute
Berio, Luciano Sequenza
Brant, Henry Mobiles
Brown, Elizabeth Trillium
Campoverde, Juan ánimas *
Carter, Elliott Scrivo in Vento
Debussy, Claude Syrinx
Dick, Robert Lookout
Donatoni, Franco Luci, two pieces for alto flute
Nidi, two pieces for piccolo
Ferneyhough, Brian Carceri d’Invenzione IIb
Cassandra’s Dream Song
Fonville, John Music for Sarah
Franke, Daniel Ghamzadeh for alto flute *
Lazy Jellyfishes *
Heiss, John Etudes for Solo Flute
Ibarra, Victor Manganese in Deep Violet
Klein, Joseph Der Hinterbringer for piccolo *
May, Andrew Five Soliloquies for flute alone *
Sketches of Ghosts for piccolo *
Mosko, Stephen Lucky Indigenous Music
Piazzolla, Astor Six études tanguistiques
Powell, Mel Three Madrigals for flute and alto flute
Rose, François Le Triangle Rouge *
Shlomowitz, Matthew Book I for piccolo *
Skucas, Andrius A Whisperer in Darkness *
Sollberger, Harvey New Millenium Memo
Stadelman, Jeffrey Evan’s House *
Ulman, Erik Canto CXV *
Varèse, Edgard Density 21.5
Welch, Chapman 7:5:3 *
Wilkinson, Carlton Les Femmes Armées *
Wuorinen, Charles Flute Variations I
Yuasa, Joji Domain

Flute with Technology

Browning, Zack Network Slammer (with tape)
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms #1 (with tape)
Dick, Robert Babylonish Gabble (amplified flute) *
Dudas, Richard Prelude (with computer)
Hallstrom, Jonathan Cecilia’s Filaments (with tape)
Harley, James Anasazi I: Kokopelli (piccolo with tape) *
Hoffman, Elizabeth Folly For (with computer) *
Holstead, Rachel Jatayu (with tape)
Kleinsasser, William Serotonin (with computer) *
Kokoras, Panayiotis Mosaicing (with computer) *
La Berge, Anne revamper (amplified flute)
Lippe, Cort Music for Flute and Computer
Lopez, Tom Elliptical Spaces (with tape)
Lymn, Youngmee Orbit (with tape)
Lyon, Eric Onceathon 2 (with computer)
The Blistering Price of Power (with tape)
Manoury, Philippe Jupiter (with computer)
May, Andrew A Room Full of Ghosts (piccolo with computer) *
The Twittering Machine (with computer or tape) *
Unsettled Questions (shadow and shape) (with computer) *
McNutt, Elizabeth and Andrew May Retake (with computer) *
Mihalic, Alexander DNA (with computer)
Moon, Barry e (with computer) *
Interact I (with computer) *
Nelson, Jon Christopher Bebop in the Forest of Lonely Rhythms (with computer) *
Pinkston, Russell Lizamander (with computer) *
Manderleone (with computer)
Redgate, Roger Atemkristall (amplified flute)
Reich, Steve Vermont Counterpoint (with tape)
Rigler, Jane Two Seaming (with tape)
Rowe, Robert Flutter (with computer)
Saariaho, Kaija NoaNoa (with computer)
Simonson, Eric Geometry I (piccolo with computer) *
Stadelman, Jeffrey House Taken Over (with computer) *
Steiger, Rand For Marnie Dilling (piccolo with tape) *
Taddie, David Luminosity (with tape)
Truax, Barry Steam (with tape)
Wilson, Paul Audley’s Light (alto flute with computer) *
UFO (piccolo with computer – in progress) *

Tornado Project (flute, clarinet, and computer)

Climent, Ricardo Russian Disco *
Helmuth, Mara Butterfly Mirrors *
Lyon, Eric Trio *
May, Andrew Still Angry *
Pinkston, Russell e++ *
Rowe, Robert Primary Colors *
Wilson, Paul Beneath the Surface *

Flute and Piano

Boulez, Pierre Sonatine
Browning, Zack Flute Soldier
Cage, John Two
Campoverde, Juan offerings *
Carrick, Rick une *
Copland, Aaron Duo for flute and piano
Donatoni, Franco Fili
Ferneyhough, Brian Four Miniatures
Finnissy, Michael cantet nunc aula caelestium
Foss, Lukas Three American Pieces
Fukushima, Kazuo Three Pieces from “Chu-U”
Furrer, Beat Presto
Fuentes, Arturo Omaggio: a lullaby for sleepy monsters
Hayden, Sam Almost Enough
Johnson, Allison This is Me in Transition *
Joyce, Brooke toydogmusic (piccolo with toy piano) *
Keller, Derek 7 Collections (piccolo with piano) *
Kernohan, Linda Release *
Lang, David Vent
Lavista, Mario Danza de las bailarinas de Degas
Levine, Josh Danse d’été (Infloresence III) *
Mallonée, Caroline blur *
Martin, Frank Ballade
May, Andrew Calli *
McTee, Cindy Circle Music
Messiaen, Olivier Le Merle Noir
Notareschi, Loretta Savor *
Pluta, Sam Light and Water *
Prokofiev, Sergei Sonata for flute and piano
Rose, François Haiku #1 *
Sanchez-Gutierrez, Carlos Twittering Machines
Shlomowitz, Matthew remembering, thinking
Shatin, Judith Gabriel’s Wing
Sierra, Roberto Eros
Simonson, Eric A Diffuse Obtainable *
Sollberger, Harvey Angel and Stone
Soli e Scherzi *
Ulman, Erik Styx*
Wright, Cody Adoratio (alto flute and piano) *
Yim, Jay Alan Milles Graces

Small Chamber Ensembles (2-5 players)

Babbitt, Milton Composition for Four (with clarinet, violin, cello)
Barrett, Richard inward (with percussion)
Bartlett, Kyle Dehiscence (with percussion) *
Bauckholt, Carola Luftwurzeln (with clarinet, viola, cello)
Birtwistle, Harrison Duets for Storab (flute duo)
Brown, Elizabeth Memory Palace (with cello, piano)
Cage, John Five (quintet, variable instrumentation)
Ryoanji (with percussion)
Carrick, Richard A Slow Duet (with soprano) *
Trio (with trumpet and violin) *
Carter, Elliott Esprit rude / esprit doux (with clarinet)
Esprit rude / esprit doux II (with clarinet and percussion)
Castle, May, McNutt Cloning Dolly (piccolo, violin, computer) *
Chen, Yi Night Thoughts (with cello, piano)
Clementi, Aldo Due Canoni (with violin and piano)
Duetto (2 flutes, 2 clarinets)
Clendenen, Robert Tendencies (with violin) *
Coble, William Winter Sky (with bassoon, violin, viola, piano) *
Crumb, George Idyll for the Misbegotten (with percussion)
Madrigals Book II (with voice, percussion)
Vox Balaenae (with cello, piano)
Czernowin, Chaya While Liquid Amber (three piccolos)
Debussy, Claude Sonata (with viola, harp)
Donatoni, Franco Ave (piccolo, glockenspiel, celeste)
Ciglio II (with violin)
Feldman, Morton Crippled Symmetry (with keyboards, percussion)
Durations I (with violin, cello, piano)
For Philip Guston (with keyboards, percussion)
Why Patterns ? (with keyboards, percussion)
Fitch, Keith Mad River Blues (with piano, percussion) *
Foss, Lukas 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird (with soprano, piano, percussion)
Franke, Daniel Dew on the Garlick Leaves (with percussion) *
Hawk Fly Soar Sky (with oud) *
The Milestones of Silence (with soprano, percussion) *
Globokar, Vinko Elegie Balkanique (with guitar, percussion)
Gubaidulina, Sofia Garden of Joy and Sorrow (with viola, harp)
Harris, David Indeterminate Composition (with percussion) *
Harrison, Lou First Concerto (with percussion)
Ariadne (with percussion)
Hong, Sungji Et Descendit (with viola, harp) *
Hurtado, Jose-Luis Transmutante (variable instrumentation) *
Lewis, George Old Mixed Quartet #1 (variable instrumentation)
Levine, Josh Glimpses (with guitar, viola)
Points of No Return (with percussion)
Liñan, Rafael Walk #4 (variable instrumentation) *
Lyon, Eric Double Globe with percussion
Heavy Rotation (with percussion)
Mamlok, Ursula Polarities (with violin, cello, piano)
May, Andrew after Diebenkorn (with violin, piano) *
Aquì (with soprano) *
Chicago: Ten and Six to Eight (with soprano, cello, percussion, piano) *
Suspensions (with violin, piano) *
Oña, Erik Tiger and Patriarch (with clarinet, violin, cello, percussion)
Paredes, Hilda Tlapitzalli 2 (with percussion)
Piazzolla, Astor Histoire du Tango (with guitar)
Pisaro, Michael Harmony Series #11 (variable instrumentation)
Rowe, Robert Not About Water (with bass clarinet, piano, computer)
Scelsi, Giacinto Hyxos (with percussion)
Ko-Lho (with clarinet)
Sciarrino, Salvatore Omaggio a Burri (alto flute, bass clarinet, violin)
Shankar, Ravi Enchanted Dawn (with harp)
Simonson, Eric E/F (with clarinet, violin, cello, piano. computer) *
The Eel-Grass (with soprano) *
Smith, Stuart Saunders In Common (with percussion)
Sollberger, Harvey Double Triptych (with percussion)
Spies, Claudio Insieme (with violin) *
Stravinsky, Igor Shakespeare Songs (with soprano, clarinet, viola)
Takemitsu, Toru and then I knew ’twas wind (with viola, harp)
Tower, Joan Petrouchskates (with clarinet, violin, cello, piano)
Ulman, Erik Eliezer and Rebecca at the Well (alto flute, clarinet, violin, cello) *
Fable (piccolo, two percussion) *
Les Amours d’Holoferne (with percussion) *
Two Stein Songs (with soprano) *
Wilkinson, Carlton The Second Coming (with soprano, piano)

Mixed Sextets (with or without voice)

Birtwistle, Harrison Ut Heremita Solus
Boulez, Pierre Derive
Le Marteau sans Maitre
Carter, Elliott Triple Duo
Davies, Peter Maxwell Bairns of Brugh
Farewell – a Fancye (after Dowland)
Donatoni, Franco Arpège
Feldman, Morton For Frank O’Hara
Moon, Barry Two Songs *
Peterson, Wayne Ditypch
Schoenberg, Arnold Pierrot Lunaire
Volkonsky, Andrei Mirror Suite
Wuorinen, Charles New York Notes
Yuasa, Joji Mutterings

Large Ensemble Works

Aitken, Robert Tsunami *
Birtwistle, Harrison Carmen Arcadia Mechanicae Perpetuum
Brown, Earle Novara
Cage, John Hymnkus
Music for …
Carrick, Richard Two Circles *
Carter, Elliott Penthode
Ferneyhough, Brian Carceri d’Invenzione I
Finnissy, Michael Vigany’s Cabinet
Fonville, John Changing Scales
Garcia, Federico Aquel que al verme *
Gubaidulina, Sofia Cello Concerto
Ichiyanagi, Toshi Sapporo
Ives, Charles The Unanswered Question
Klein, Joseph Canetti-menagerie *
Lewis, George Shadowgraph 4 / Shadowgraph 5:  MIX
Ligeti, György Violin Concerto
May, Andrew Promises of Babylon *
Recyclers *
Unset *
Vanishing *
Nono, Luigi Incontri
Oliveros, Pauline From Unknown Silences
The Inner/Outer Sound Matrix
Osborn, Mark The Fluid Pronoun *
Powell, Mel Modules
Reed, Brett That’s What It Is, Grape! *
Reynolds, Roger On the Balance of Things *
Rigler, Jane Convergence and divergence *
Riley, Terry In C
Rzewski, Frederic Attica
Coming Together
Schönberg, Arnold Kammersymphonie No. 1
Sollberger, Harvey Ciao, Arcosanti *
Tenney, James Form 3
Theodore, Michael 19 & 1 *
Ulman, Erik Drame *
Webern, Anton Konzert, Opus 24